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Staret Citrine Floral Spray Brooch Staret Citrine Floral Spray Brooch
This gorgeous bouquet brooch is attributable to STARET, and I believe I can make out a partial signature on one of the flower backs. Measures nearly 4" in height. Set with citrine glass stones, tiny crystals. Gold-plating is in good condition with very mild fading in a couple places, a couple tiny scratches. - SOLD

Staret Hand Holding a Floral Bouquet Staret Hand Holding a Floral Bouquet
Rare, hard-to-find signed original STARET pin of a hand holding a floral bouquet. Enameled potmetal with faceted large, openbacked glass stones and smaller rhinestone crystals. Measures slightly over 3" across. There is a slight scrape to the enameling on the lady's fingers, but condition otherwise is excellent. The mark is stamped into the metal. - $1250


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