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The shopping cart system was designed to allow Jazzle Dazzle to improve product organization, display, and improved search functionality. We have a new system to keep better track of all transactions, with additional security for current transactions and the archives. The website has also gained adaptability to work with a wider range of computers, internet connections, and web browsers. Enjoy the new Jazzle Dazzle!


The overall layout of the website has not changed that much. To select a main category, you would click on one of the links on the main page image map. These will take you to the first page under that main category, with additional sub-categories listed on those pages. On the right navigation bar there are the following options:

Home: A link from anywhere in the website to the main page.
My Current eBay Auctions: A direct link to Jazzle Dazzle eBay auctions.
Search Options: This links to a page with advanced product search options.
Category Map: A site map of all categories.
Subscribe: Use this to subscribe or unsubscribe to any e-mail distribution lists offered.
View Cart: A direct link to view your current shopping cart contents.
Cart Help: A direct link to the shopping cart help file for new users.
E-mail Me: A link to email [email protected]
Search: A text box for simple keyword searches. See the Search Options link for advanced search options.


After clicking on a main category on the main page, you will then be taken to a catalogue of all of the listings for the selected category. By default, there are five products displayed on each page to improve the load times of the website for users with slow internet connections. An option at the bottom of all shopping pages (called Products Per Page) allows you to change the number of products you see on each page. If you have a fast internet connection like DSL or Cable, then viewing 10 or 20 products per page is no problem. If you have cookies enabled then your preference will remain the same every time you visit.

When looking at a single product, you have a few more options. When clicking on the thumbnail image, you will be taken to a page with an enlarged version. Below each product you have a Buy button. Selecting that button will add the product to your shopping cart. After selecting this option, you will see a page confirming your addition, and a link to come back to the shopping page.

At the bottom of the shopping page you will have links to show the next or previous page of listings. You may also jump directly to a certain page.


There will always be a moment when you are looking for one specific thing. The first option allows you to search the database using keywords. For example say I am looking for products with the words "Gold Crown" in the description. I would then enter "gold crown" into the search box and click on search. If you would like to only see results that contain BOTH words, then leave the box for "Listings match all keywords" checked. Uncheck the box to find listings with either of the keywords.

If no results are found, you will see "0 of 0 Results Displayed: No Products Found." If there are matches, you will see a list of the product name (which links to a page that displays the full product information), the price, and the categories in which it was found. When searching using keywords, you do not need commas or other special characters separating the words. All you need to do is separate them using spaces.

Another way to search is by the date the products were added. There are links that will show all of the products listed within the last month, week, and day.

If you have your eye on a certain item that is on hold for another customer, you may also check the items relisted within the last day, week, or month.

Sometimes you are looking for something that fits a certain budget amount. Say you are looking for something that is only $50. You may enter a price range using the Price Search option and search the database for all products that cost between $0 and $50 (Enter minimum and then maximum amount).


After clicking Buy under a product, you will be taken to your shopping cart. Your product is saved and you may continue shopping for other products. The page you see first will display the product names and prices of those that you have added to your shopping cart. If you change your mind, there will be a trash can icon next to each product to remove that item from your shopping cart. The other icon of a magnifying glass will let you view the full product information for that product, in case you forgot. Here on this page you have the options to Continue Shopping or Checkout. Continue Shopping will take you back to the last product listing page you were on. Checkout will take you to the checkout page so that you may enter your information for the order.

Your shopping cart is maintained by sessions, which are deleted when your browser window closes. If you close your web browser and return at a later time, your shopping cart will no longer exist and you will be given a new one.

When you go to the checkout page, you will have the chance to enter your information. Here you will see a listing of the products you had in your shopping cart. You still have the chance to click on Continue Shopping or Modify Cart. Clicking Continue Shopping will take you back to the main page of Jazzle Dazzle. Clicking on Modify Cart will take you back to view your cart contents, which will then allow you to remove certain products.

On the checkout page, once your order is satisfactory to you, you may enter your full name, E-mail address, phone number, mailing address, and any comments. Please be sure that your name, E-mail, and phone number are all correct. We understand that you may not feel comfortable entering your address into the form, and therefore that is optional. Your name and E-mail are required before your order will be submitted. Checking the box "Keep my information for next time." will store your name, E-mail, and phone number in a cookie so that you do not have to enter it next time. You may also click subscribe to mailing list to have your E-mail address added to the Jazzle Dazzle mailing list. Then you may click on Submit Order at the bottom of page (please click only once). The form will be checked to make sure that you have entered the necessary information, and the order will then be processed.

The order confirmation page will allow you to proceed to PayPal if that is how you wish to pay. Our information and product detail will already be filled in.

You will receive a confirmation E-mail at the E-mail address you provided. This will list what products you have ordered, as well as the information you provided in the order. We suggest that you print this out for your records. This email will contain an order ID that we use to track all of our orders.


This system was designed to report all internal problems and the logs are checked daily. If you ever experience ANY issues with the shopping cart, we encourage you to please E-mail all information to [email protected]. Your satisfaction is very important. There will always be new features, fixed issues, and upcoming information available. We will try our best to resolve any technical problems you have with our new system.

Recommended System Information:

You do not NEED the following settings, all of the shopping cart functions are handled server-side and do not require recent browsers. They are recommended because older versions may not display the website colors, fonts, and layout correctly.

Windows 95+/Mac OS 7.1+
Resolution of 800x600 or greater.
Internet Explorer 4.0+
Netscape Navigator 4.1+
Opera Web Browser 5.0+
Mozilla 1.0.1+

You may download the latest web browsers from the following links:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Netscape Navigator:


Email Me / Sales Questions: [email protected]

Technical (Non-sales) Assistance: [email protected]

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