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Parrot Pearls Ceramic Ringling Brothers Circus Necklace
RARE and elaborate Parrot Pearls necklace features "The Greatest Show on Earth" with Ringling Brothers circus motif. Marked and dated Parrot Pearls, 1977, this features pendants of a ringmaster, trick pony, clown, "The Greatest Show on Earth" globe, a performing seal, a cluster of fish, orange and red pennants. Accent beads include a variety of shapes (tubular, rounds, discs, pyramids) and color schemes (stars, polka dots, checkerboard). Elements are securely strung on nylon filament, with metal screw-barrel clasp. At a tad over 24" in length, this can be worn with other ceramic pieces for a really bold statement! Condition is good overall, apart from a the pony's tail missing the end, surface crazing to pony and a small chip in the seal's pedestal.

- $450


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