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Carved Paprika Bakelite Clamper Bracelet ~ Sunflower Motif
This incredible side-hinged bakelite bracelet has a beautifully carved front, with beveled fan shapes radiating outward from a central sunflower motif. Done in a marbled paprika color, this bangle has patinized to a darker shade on the exterior, and shows hints of burgundy overtones on the interior. The workmanship is fabulous, with lines that seem very Art Deco in style. The back portion of the bracelet is smooth and unadorned. 7/8" wide, with wall thickness ranging from 1/4 at the back and 1/2" at the front center. 2 1/4" inside width. Hinge is secured with smooth metal brads and works well. Excellent condition; guaranteed to be vintage bakelite and easily passes Simichrome test. - $340


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