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ELZAC Ceramic Spanish Boy and Girl Figural Pins
Absolutely fantastic and VERY unusual full figural ceramic pins appear to be the work of Elzac, a California pottery firm famous for its often ethnic "Victim of Fashion" faces. Glazed ceramic with painted details and fabric costume touches, these pins appear to be a Spanish boy and girl. To find these two together (!) in such great shape and with such detail is just fantastic. The boy (3 1/8") has a shy look with upturned eyes and hands behind his back; he wears an embroidered fabric serape and a painted wood hat. The girl (3") has a similarly embroidered head shawl, fabric braid, and a painted wood basket on her head filled with colorful beads (representing fruit). Her eyes are closed or downcast, and her feet turned inward in a kind of shy posture. Both have plastic and metal c-clasp pinbacks glued onto the unglazed back. Excellent overall condition. - $400


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